The warm and suave envelope of Leonard Cohen’s voice, the rocky raucous emotion of Eric Lapointe, or the desire to waddle to the beat of the Beatles…

Each musical style has its own way of making us vibrate: it communicates its essence and a particular feeling to us until we associate a melody with a moment that we experience.

Music communicates. Why not for the brand?

Certainly, the brand communicates through its advertisements or through its customer service: we remember a jingle heard on the radio that we liked. However, music is also a clear way of transmitting your positioning, and all the more to your points of sale! This consolidates the perceived image of the consumer when, for example, he enters the sound of soft music in a high-end store. This soothing melody relaxes him as he is about to spend and even slows down his buying pace. And this is the image this store wants to give it: a calm purity that inspires confidence— A feeling of well-being.

Léger’s research, Music and Business, presents numbers that speak for themselves: 57% of Canadians say music allows them to get more out of their shopping experience. This favorable opinion is also shared by the owners of shops or restaurants, while they confirm that this helps to encourage customers to stay longer (59%), increases the length of their stay (63%) and influences at home the desire to return to their branch (55%).

More than a trend, an effective tool!

The fact is, music enhances the shopping experience by allowing consumers to immerse themselves in the world of the brand. The atmosphere it creates even becomes a factor in the decision of whether or not to return to a store. Why is that? Simply because rationality, however practical, is not enough to describe us. It is an emotional bond that tends to be established naturally between brand and consumer: this emotion becomes a source of action. In fact, using music means giving yourself greater control over your transmitted image. It’s giving yourself the opportunity to strengthen what you want to look like. It’s a way to enhance the shopping experience of a consumer and to enhance their perception of who we are. Music is a tool that can bear fruit.

Only want to know which music to use. As a response, a second question:

What is the voice of your brand?

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