We all can’t wait for 2020 to end and to finally be able to turn the page on this dreary, dull, non-contact and light-less year …

So, good news is coming for this year that we will soon begin: a glimmer of hope, a ray of sunshine on the horizon.

Yes ! We will have more color in our life with bright yellow (13-0647 Illuminating) combined with neutral gray (17-5104 Ultimate Gray) as a duo.

What happiness to see this brilliance, this radiance which will give us multiple possibilities to create and announce in a joyful and luminous way, yesss!

Yellow is not just for buses or give way signs, it’s a color that vibrates and lights up and shines. Oh! What a joy already to think that we will offer you concepts that can also make you shine in your sphere of activity!

Your Arobase team recommend that you add it this year to your corporate color palette, in your brochures, leaflets or simply in a small element such as a signature, because this addition will enhance, not only your image, but also good for your mental … and we all know we need it badly right now!

Watch the article published in LaPresse or the video presenting this new Pantone 2021 color duo.

Stay positive and think about the bright yellow little icon: the smiley 😄

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